Somewhere amid the greenery of Normandy,
a new phenomenon is emerging.
The world’s finest apple eau-de-vie,
Calvados, is changing…

First we must speak of the land of Normandy, and more particularly the Pays d'Auge, home to the Impressionists and prized for its valleys with their flint-rich clay soils. Here the maritime climate is influenced by the Atlantic and the English Channel, with cool summers and mild winters making the Pays d’Auge the ideal place for orchards!

Then comes the cider apple! And not just any old apple! There are over a hundred varieties with such poetic names as Clozette, Noël des Champs, Bisquet or Doux Normandie…
The aim is to choose those that will blend together best to give the finest flavours.

Once the apple varieties have been selected, then comes the time for pressing to produce the juice that will be fermented first and then distilled in a copper still to give the eau-de-vie that will be left to age in oak casks and blended to make Calvados.

This is where ancestral tradition comes in, with Calvados Houses that have been local institutions for centuries, passing down the time-honoured techniques of distillation and maturing from generation to generation. The skill and passion of these expert distillers produce Calvados of unique quality and character.

Throughout Normandy’s eventful history, these Calvados have transcended the region’s borders to reach new palates and seduce new fans all over the world.

By opening up to the outside world and listening to these new connoisseurs in search of original flavours, the Cellar Masters of these ancient Houses have created and selected these noble and distinguished Calvados with infinite patience. Like artists, they have composed outstanding cuvées like no others.